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Practical Experience - Project Details

• Continuous Delivery • SAFe (agile Framework) • Software Development

Agile coaching of software development for a large German energy company

Our client – a large German energy company – was on the way to integrating its software development into an agile framework (SAFe). To this end, we took on the role of agile coach in the "Continuous Delivery" project. By actively supporting the international and intercultural agile team as Scrum Master and Senior Product Owner, we helped them to understand the requirements for new software functions from a business perspective and to implement them in practice using the new, still unfamiliar iterative processes of agile software development.

While the focus here was on achieving business value as early as possible through minimum viable products (MVP) – the smallest possible version of a use case – we simultaneously kept an eye on both the dependencies in the SAFe Agile Release Train and existing (software) standards.

We were always in direct contact and close coordination with all stakeholders, such as product management, release train engineers, solution architects, business analysts and product owners. In particular, we passed on our expertise as an agile project manager and our experience in requirements engineering to the product owner of the scrum team in charge.

We supported him in determining and organising all functional and non-functional requirements, developing use cases, defining test cases and formulating acceptance criteria. We helped him to create and, if necessary, fragment user stories until their efforts could be realised by the development team in the next sprint, as well as with quality assurance and acceptance.

Together with the development team and the solution architects, we discussed solution alternatives and contributed to the technical conceptualisation of solutions. With our extensive experience and methodological expertise, we increased transparency in the interaction between the roles of Product Manager, Business Owner, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Software Developer and Business Analyst by moderating Scrum Reviews and Scrum Retrospectives.

Last but not least, we enriched the team with unusual ideas for tool implementation (e.g. sections for continuous refinement in the JIRA backlog), company­specific adaptation of the SAFe process (e.g. NonDEV Daily) and provision of suitable tools (e.g. creation of Kanban boards, quick filters and dashboards in Jira).

Sector: Energy, Water & Environment
Role: Agile Coach (Scrum Master, Senior Product Owner)
Skills: Scrum Guide, SAFe, Organizational Change Management, Intercultural Competence, Process Analysis, Process Consulting, Process Optimisation, Conflict Management, Escalation Management, Moderation Techniques, Presentation Techniques, Test Management, etc.
Tools: Jira, Confluence, Slack, HipChat, MS Excel, MS OneNote, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS Skype for Business, MS Teams, MS Visio, MS Word, etc.
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