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Efficient IT infrastructure for new automotive plants: Startup Management supports leading German car manufacturer

A leading German car manufacturer entrusted us as Startup Manager for the rollout of the IT infrastructure in new production facilities. Through our analysis of infrastructure requirements, investment planning and the creation of detailed rollout plans, we enabled a seamless transition that optimized value creation processes and increased efficiency in automotive production.

In the course of setting up new production facilities for car manufacturing, a leading German car manufacturer called on our expertise in startup management. The aim was to efficiently roll out the entire IT infrastructure in the shop floor area.

Our support included a thorough analysis of the infrastructure requirements for both on-premise and cloud applications. This was key to the precise investment and budget planning that we prepared together with the client. An essential part of our approach was close communication with the respective application managers and continuous coordination with the project manager, both in terms of time and technical aspects.

Parallel to the infrastructure analysis, we determined the specific area of use of the individual shop floor applications. These ranged from production control, product quality and localization to identification, reporting and maintenance. Our team researched the processed business objects in each of these areas, which contributed to the transparency of the value creation processes.

The insights gained allowed us to optimize the end-to-end testing of the applications implemented during the rollout. This detailed and well thought-out planning led to a smooth rollout, which significantly increased the efficiency of the production processes and thus represented great added value for the car manufacturer.

Sector: Manufacturing & Production
Area: Automotive & Vehicle Construction
Domain: Shop Floor
Role: Start-Up Manager, Knowledge Manager Shop Floor
Skills: Project Management, Communication Management, Process Analysis, Research
Tools: Jira, Confluence, MS Excel, MS OneNote, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS Teams, MS Skype for Business, MS Word, customised tool for the documentation and graphical representation of value chains, etc.
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