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Welcome to 1 Zwo - Consulting GmbH

a colorful mixture of conviction, courage, ambition and fascination, paired with ability and motivated by curiosity.

Always ready for the next mission

We look forward to exciting and goal-oriented projects with you and are always ready to listen to you, even if there is more to do than agreed. We are a young consulting company with offices in Frankfurt/Main and Munich. Depending on your needs and requirements, our employees can take on the role of consultant, trainer or coach.


Three people in discussion - two of them standing, one sitting at a table - in front of a wall-mounted monitor showing various (graphical) evaluations.

For us, consulting means achieving your goals together at eye level. With our specialist knowledge and our practical experience, which we have gained in numerous organizations from different industries, we also broaden your perspective and thus widen your scope for potential solutions.

Together with you, we determine your desired project goal. We then support you in a variety of roles to achieve this goal within the defined time and financial budget.


Drei Menschen sitzend vor einem Tableau, das diverse Grafiken zeigt, die von einer neben dem Tableau stehenden Person erklärt werden.

As a training company, we train your employees in various IT-specific management disciplines, methods and frameworks and prepare them for the relevant certification. To do this, we use globally recognized formats and certification options.

We impart know-how from practice for practice and have been successfully holding our own against our competitors for well over a decade with the training method we use.


Vier Menschen die dreidimensionale Puzzleteile in den Händen halten bzw. zusammensetzen und damit einen Gedanken- und Ideenaustausch verdeutlichen.

We are always at your side in your project and day-to-day business with our theoretical and practical expertise. Our coaches identify the individual development potential of your employees in order to promote them in a targeted manner.

We work with you to develop possible solutions to various problems and accompany and support you in their implementation.

About us

smart • competent • excellent • flexible

  • As a rather small, smart IT consulting company, we have specialized in optimizing your individual needs for customized, IT-supported value-added processes with above-average competent and excellent IT consulting services.
  • Nobody can do everything, but we learn from our team: mutual assistance and the open, collegial exchange of practical experience from different industries and diverse projects maximize our knowledge and strengthen our motivation.
  • After all, we are only satisfied with ourselves when you, our customer, derive significant added value from our collaboration.
Vier Menschen die dreidimensionale Puzzleteile in den Händen halten bzw. zusammensetzen und damit einen Gedanken- und Ideenaustausch verdeutlichen.

Why you should choose 1 Zwo


Benefit from the expertise of our teams and the wealth of experience we have gained in a wide range of projects at numerous companies and organizations from various sectors.

Flexible & international

We offer maximum flexibility and are also happy to support you in an international environment.


To help our clients achieve success, we draw on a comprehensive set of proven and internationally recognized methods. We supplement these with innovative, alternative methods where they are appropriate and effective.


Our consulting services are based on a solid foundation of established frameworks, and we provide you with practical and pragmatic support for their individual and targeted implementation.


As a training institute, we strengthen the most important basis for your employees' daily work: specialist knowledge paired with practical experience from similar organizations.


We support you and your employees in implementing and actively shaping your change processes. To this end, we actively involve all employees who are affected and therefore crucial for successful implementation and encourage their personal responsibility for the joint success.